We’re absolutely thrilled to bring you some extraordinary news that marks a significant milestone in our journey!

Smoking Rocket has recently been under the spotlight for a very prestigious reason. We were nominated for the esteemed London & South East Prestige Awards, a recognition that highlights excellence in our field.

The journey to this point has been nothing short of exhilarating. Some time ago, we received the exciting news that we had made it as finalists. This alone was a moment of immense pride for our team, a validation of our hard work and dedication. But today, we have even more incredible news to share: We didn’t just make it to the finals – we won!

That’s right – Smoking Rocket has been awarded the title of ‘Best Marketing Company in London and South East.’ This accolade is a monumental achievement for us, especially given the caliber of competition we faced. The London market is renowned for its ‘big players’ – industry giants known for their dominance and expertise. To not only compete with but also triumph over such esteemed competition is a testament to our team’s relentless drive, creativity, and commitment to excellence.


web award

This award is more than just a trophy or a title for us. It’s a reflection of the countless hours of strategy, creativity, and teamwork that goes into every project we undertake. It’s a symbol of the trust our clients place in us and the results we’ve been able to achieve together.

As we celebrate this achievement, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey – our incredible team, whose talent and hard work know no bounds; our clients, for their unwavering faith in our abilities and for challenging us to push the envelope; and our supporters, who have cheered us on every step of the way.

Today, as we stand proud and honored with this award, we’re reminded of our humble beginnings and the journey that brought us here. This recognition fuels our passion to continue innovating, exploring new horizons, and setting higher standards in the marketing world.

Here’s to reaching new heights, embracing new challenges, and continuing to make a mark in the industry. Thank you, London & South East Prestige Awards, for this incredible honor. We’re just getting started! 🚀🏅🎉