Virus Removal

Got a Virus, Adware or Spyware, we can help!.

When Viruses, spyware or adware infect your computer it can cause serious security problems for your computer, you and your business. Smoking Rocket cant fix them onsite sameday, with cyber attacks and intruders coming up with new and creative ways to attack IT systems with malicious and damaging software you need first class support when a virus or infection hits your computers..

Smoking Rocket IT can supply software to protect you or your business against them in the future.

Call us on 01296 320245 if you suspect that your computer is infected or under attack or just want free advice on what could be making your computer misbehave.

Adware and viral software pose a serious security problem and they can slow the operation of your computer and even cause complete shutdowns. They on most occasions are something that cant be fixed by yourself – dont stress, Smoking Rocket have experts who can detect and remove them for you.

do you know the difference between viruses, spyware and adware?.

Viruses – This infects your machine and normally tries to stay hidden leading to loss of data, they can multiply and can also corrupt data.

Spyware – You will usually not lose data and it does not duplicate itself, what it will do is cause your computer to start up and operate more slowly and normally causes irritation, spyware will send out personal data once it finds what it looking for, this can be damaging to you and your clients privacy and security.

Adware – Generally makes its way into your computer via a download or is installed with free software, this will cause loss in time and productivity for you and your staff.

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